Current Issue

101-1 (November 2015)


Inventing the Classical Constitution
     Herbert Hovenkamp
101 Iowa L. Rev. 1 (2015) 

Rediscovering the Classical Liberal Constitution: A Reply to Professor Hovenkamp
     Richard A. Epstein
101 Iowa L. Rev. 55 (2015) 

Planning an Affordable City
     Roderick M. Hills, Jr. & David Schleicher
101 Iowa L. Rev. 91 (2015) 

Do Patent Licensing Demands Mean Innovation?
     Robin Feldman & Mark A. Lemley
101 Iowa L. Rev. 137 (2015) 

Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Legal Complexity
     J.B. Ruhl & Daniel Martin Katz
101 Iowa L. Rev. 191 (2015) 

The New ©ensorship
     John Tehranian
101 Iowa L. Rev. 245 (2015) 

Monitoring the Youth: The Collision of Rights and Rehabilitation
     Kate Weisburd
101 Iowa L. Rev. 297 (2015) 


T.L.O. and Cell Phones: Student Privacy and Smart Devices After Riley v. California
     Bernard James
101 Iowa L. Rev. 343 (2015) 

Intent Reconceived
     Jay Sterling Silver
101 Iowa L. Rev. 371 (2015) 


Ridesharing in the Sharing Economy: Should Regulators Impose Über Regulations on Uber?
     Hannah A. Posen
101 Iowa L. Rev. 405 (2015) 

Pulling over the United States Sentencing Guidelines: Defining “Arrest” Under Section 4A1.2(a)(2)
     John A. Richter
101 Iowa L. Rev. 435 (2015) 

The Old Man and Rule 8.4(c): A Proposal for the Adoption of Maryland’s Misappropriation Rule in Iowa
     Allison A. Schmidt
101 Iowa L. Rev. 465 (2015)