103 Iowa L. Rev. 271 (2017)
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This Note addresses tanning bed regulations. There is mounting evidence regarding the severe consequences indoor tanning can have on an individual’s health, some of which are fatal. This Note argues that in order to combat these negative health consequences, states need to step in by implementing more aggressive tanning bed regulations. This Note proposes a ban on individuals under the age of 21 from using tanning beds due to the unique circumstances surrounding this age group. Although banning minors under the age of 18 is sufficient for some activities, it is not sufficient for tanning beds. This is due in part to the cumulative deleterious effect of tanning, the social pressures that occur particularly during this age range, and the fact that the brain is not yet fully developed to understand the long-term risks of tanning, which are especially severe given that some of these risks are increased when first exposure occurs at a young age.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017