The Iowa Law Review's Symposium is a biennial forum for legal scholarship—bringing together the foremost experts on a common topic of current and future importance in the law. While legal symposia are now ubiquitous, it was at the Iowa Law Review where they began. Since its first Symposium on administrative law in 1933—including contributions from legal giants such as Felix Frankfurter and John Wigmore—the Iowa Law Review's Symposium has and continues to host symposia on topics as varied as the law itself. The Iowa Law Review is proud of its Symposium's ninety-year record of facilitating excellent legal scholarship and is excited to continue this tradition of excellence.

Symposium 2024

Economic Implications of Climate Change

Presented by: Iowa Law Review
Co-Sponsors: Hubbell Environmental Law Initiative and the Classical Liberal Institute
September 19 & 20, 2024

Symposium 2022

The Future of Religious Freedom 

Presented by: Iowa Law Review
Faculty Organizer: Professor Christopher Lund, Wayne State University
October 14, 2022

Symposium 2020

The Future of Law & Transportation 

Presented by: Iowa Law Review & the Iowa Innovation, Business and Law Center
Faculty Organizer: Professor Gregory Shill
November 6, 2020