Since its inception in 1915 as the Iowa Law Bulletin, the Iowa Law Review has served as a scholarly legal journal, noting and analyzing developments in the law and suggesting future paths for the law to follow. Since 1935, students have edited and have managed Iowa Law Review, which is published at least five times annually. Iowa Law Review ranks high among the top “high impact” legal periodicals in the country, and its subscribers include legal practitioners and law libraries throughout the world.

Alumni of the Iowa Law Review have gone on to become successful lawyers, federal and state judges, law professors, politicians, and business people. The Iowa Law Review Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes former members of the Iowa Law Review for outstanding personal and professional achievement.

For a history of the Iowa Law Review’s first one hundred years, see Willard Boyd & Randall P. Bezanson, Iowa Law Review Centennial: Its Mission, History, and Future, 100 Iowa L. Rev. 455 (2015).

Other Articles discussing the history of the Law Review include:

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Recent top-cited Articles published in Iowa Law Review include:

The Iowa Law Review is also committed to publishing scholarship that focuses on important issues facing the state of Iowa. Recent publications include: