July 2014


An Introduction to Fifty Years of Gideon
James J. Tomkovicz

Keynote Address: Reclaiming Our Rightful Place: Reviving the Hero Image of the Public Defender
Jonathan A. Rapping

Penalizing and Chilling an Indigent’s Exercise of the Right to Appointed Counsel for Misdemeanors
Russell L. Christopher

Paying for Gideon
Beth A. Colgan

Fulfilling the Unfulfilled Promise of Gideon: Litigation as a Viable Strategic Tool
Margaret A. Costello

Counsel’s Role in Bargaining for Trials
Gregory M. Gilchrist

An Originalist Argument for a Sixth Amendment Right to Competent Counsel
Erica J. Hashimoto

Gideon and the Golden Thread
Lawrence Herman

Gideon v. Wainwright – From a 1963 Perspective
Jerold H. Israel

The Gideon Trials
Bruce R. Jacob

Systemic Barriers to Effective Assistance of Counsel in Plea Bargaining
Peter A. Joy & Rodney J. Uphoff

“Crimmigration” and the Right to Counsel at the Border Between Civil and Criminal Proceedings
Christopher N. Lasch

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Before Powell v. Alabama: Lessons from History for the Future of the Right to Counsel
Sara Mayeux

Giving Kids Their Due: Theorizing a Modern Fourteenth Amendment Framework for Juvenile Defense Representation
Mae C. Quinn

Right to Counsel and Plea Bargaining: Gideon’s Legacy Continues
Lahny R. Silva

Defense Attorney Resistance
Robin Walker Sterling

Monopsony Problems with Court-Appointed Counsel
Dru Stevenson

Student Notes

Why the Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel Includes an Out-of-Court Interpreter
Kate O. Rahel