106 Iowa L. Rev. Online 1 (2021)
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I read with interest Madison J. Murhammer Colon’s How Can Iowans Effectively Prevent the Commercial Misappropriation of Their Identities? Why Iowa Needs a Right of Publicity Statute. While I agree with her that Iowans need protection since Iowa is one of just 15 states without a state right of publicity statute, this Response proposes that it would be better for Iowans to work toward a federal, rather than state, statute. Without a federal statute, whether a right of publicity exists and how broad the protection is depends upon the state in which one is asserting such a right. Relying on state law makes it difficult to protect one’s rights beyond state borders and to plan the cost of compliance with the law of multiple jurisdictions. There is support for a federal statute from a wide variety of sources, including the American Bar Association.

Friday, January 15, 2021