108 Iowa L. Rev. Online 102 (2023)




In their recent Article, Climate Change Compliance, Susan Kuo and Benjamin Means recast corporate compliance as an essential element of climate survival. The Article makes a persuasive case for the far-reaching benefits that internal corporate compliance strategies offer for advancing efforts to combat climate change. Of course, Kuo and Means do not demand an abandonment of the conventional model of corporate governance so much as a re-tooling of corporate governance to illustrate the ways that different business practices might be better suited to climate survival. Climate Change Compliance is important work, but it also prompts us to interrogate the limits of incremental change and imagine the possibility of more meaningful change. This Response suggests that while corporate compliance may advance incremental change, the climate emergency we currently face demands more creative reimagining of the law. This Response advances that work. It begins the process of envisioning more transformative leaps in the development of climate law.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023