109 Iowa L. Rev. 1835 (2024)



Animals have been used in testing for hundreds of years; in cosmetics, the justification for the use of animal testing is providing safe and effective products to consumers. However, animal models do not provide accurate, useful data that can be translated to provide information on how humans will respond to certain products or ingredients. There are a wide variety of alternatives available that do provide accurate information and are cheaper, provide faster results, and are more humane. Despite these options, many cosmetics companies continue to perform tests on animals, in part due to animal testing requirements in countries with large consumer markets like China. States can create change by continuing to pass cruelty-free laws, which will encourage passing similar legislation at the federal level. In addition to reducing unnecessary animal testing, cruelty-free laws also function as a consumer protection measure, by preventing cosmetics companies from misrepresenting that their products are cruelty-free due to the current lack of standardization and regulation of cosmetic labeling claims. Passing and enforcing cruelty-free laws in Iowa and other states will align the United States with the many other countries that have measures in place, influence and motivate change at the manufacturer and international level, provide consumer protection, and prevent the unnecessary suffering and cruel treatment of countless animals. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2024