July 2017


The Promise of Lutie A. Lytle: An Introduction to the Tenth Annual Commemorative Lutie A. Lytle Black Women Law Faculty Workshop Iowa Law Review Issue
Angela Onwuachi-Willig

On the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Lucas: Making or Breaking the Takings Claim
Carol Necole Brown & Dwight H. Merriam

The Yates Memo: Looking for “Individual Accountability” in All the Wrong Places
Katrice Bridges Copeland

Benchmark Regulation
Gina-Gail S. Fletcher

“I Shall Talk to My Own People”: The Intersectional Life and Times of Lutie A. Lytle
Taja-Nia Y. Henderson

Aggressive Encounters & White Fragility: Deconstructing the Trope of the Angry Black Woman
Trina Jones & Kimberly Jade Norwood

The Color of Kinship
R.A. Lenhardt

Crossfire on Compulsory Campus Carry Laws: When the First and Second Amendments Collide
Shaundra K. Lewis

Cities, Inclusion and Exactions
Audrey G. McFarlane & Randall K. Johnson

Assessing the Viability of Race-Neutral Alternatives in Law School Admissions
Eboni S. Nelson, Ronald Pitner, Carla D. Pratt


Racial Anxiety
Rachel D. Godsil & L. Song Richardson

Student Notes

Preservation, Primacy, and Process: A More Consistent Approach to State Constitutional Interpretation in Iowa
Eric M. Hartmann

Keep Calm and Causation On: Reframing Causation Analysis in Private Section 1 Antitrust Actions at Summary Judgment
Anne E. Hartnett

Good TV Makes Bad Justice: How the Rules of Professional Conduct Can Protect Fair Trial Rights
Joshua Irwin

“So, What Should I Ask Him to Prove that He’s Gay?”: How Sincerity, and Not Stereotype, Should Dictate the Outcome of an LGB Asylum Claim in the United States
Kimberly D. Topel