106 Iowa L. Rev. 1961 (2021)
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As large-scale problems—such as climate change and wealth inequality—demand collective solutions, Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) is increasingly important. This Note discusses the recent Business Roundtable (“BRT”) “commitment” to responsible business practices and explains how this commitment does not conflict with Delaware Corporate Law—which requires that for-profit corporations work towards shareholder ends. This Note also summarizes the history of CSR and explains why changes in the past have not successfully increased CSR. This Note argues the BRT will not adhere to these commitments on its own and further that sustained change will only come when the legislature is willing to regulate corporations in ways that align the profit incentives with the goals of society at large. Finally, this Note proposes potential regulation that could work to align these goals and thus successfully increase Corporate Social Responsibility.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021