Upcoming Symposium


The Iowa Law Review hosts a biennial symposium the next of which will take place in fall of 2022. The symposium is aimed at furthering Iowa Law Review’s goal of producing legal scholarship of national and state interest. As with past symposiums, individuals who present at the symposium will then have a guaranteed publication spot in Volume 108, to be published in 2023.

The Board is now looking for topic submissions. The deadline for submissions is May 24 at 5:00 p.m. Symposium proposals should be submitted via email to Iowa Law Review at ilr@uiowa.edu. The details below include all proposal requirements and additional suggestions. We are very excited to review your ideas and look forward to putting on an elite symposium that highlights many of the best legal minds in our profession.

To be considered for selection, each proposal must contain the following information:

  • Topic (including a description of the likely appeal to the Law Review’s reading constituencies and analysis of the relationship between the symposium and what scholarship has already been published by law reviews on the same and similar topics);
  • Nature of articles (whether essays or conventional articles);
  • Likely authors (if not specific names, then the pool from which the authors will be drawn);
  • Timing (including the timing of any possible event at which the symposium pieces will be presented. Such an event is not considered by the Law Review to be a requirement, however).

A strong Symposium proposal will include as much detail as possible. The Symposium Committee will pay close attention to the list of potential or expected authors along with any additional speakers the professor wishes to include. The expected contributions must meet Iowa Law Review’s high publication standards. Although it is not required, proposals are encouraged to include any available sources of funding for the live event.

The call for proposals is an open call made to the legal academic community. Nevertheless, proposals led by or including members of the University of Iowa College of Law faculty will be prioritized in our review process. We encourage all proposals to include University of Iowa College of Law faculty among their participants.

We look forward to reviewing your proposals and continuing the tradition of facilitating great academic debate on interesting legal topics. Any questions can be sent to ilr@uiowa.edu.