July 2018


Wealth Transfer Law in Comparative and International Perspective: An Introduction
Thomas P. Gallanis & Sheldon F. Kurtz

Revisiting Revocation upon Divorce?
Naomi R. Cahn

Wealth Transfer Laws in 153 Jurisdictions: An Empirical Comparative Law Approach
Yun-chien Chang

The Trust as Trojan Horse: A Comparative Perspective on Trusts’ Role in Japanese Succession Law
James C. Fisher

Lifetime Wealth Transfers and the Equitable Presumptions of Resulting Trust and Gift
Jamie Glister

Property Transfers to Caregivers: A Comparative Analysis
Adam S. Hofri-Winogradow & Richard L. Kaplan

Partial Harmless Error for Wills: Evidence From California
David Horton

The Evolution of the Modern International Trust: Developments and Challenges
Rebecca Lee

Regularizing the Trust Protector
Paul B. Miller

U.S. Conflict of Laws Involving International Estates and Marital Property: A Critical Analysis of Estate of Charania v. Shulman
Jeffrey Schoenblum

Give the People What They Want? The Onshoring of the Offshore
Lionel Smith

Intestate Inheritance Rights for Unmarried Committed Partners: Lessons for U.S. Law Reform from the Scottish Experience
E. Gary Spitko

The European Succession Regulation and the Arbitration of Trust Disputes
S.I. Strong

Japanese Law and the Global Diffusion of Trust and Fiduciary Law
Masayuki Tamaruya

From Waqf, Ancestor Worship to the Rise of the Global Trust: A History of the Use of the Trust as a Vehicle for Wealth Transfer in Singapore
Tang Hang Wu

Will-Substitutes in the U.S. and in Spain
Jaume Tarabal Bosch

Attempts to Harmonize the Inheritance Law in Europe: Past, Present, and Future
Mariusz Załucki